Sunday, February 15, 2009

Idaho to meet his cousins...5weeks old

Addie and Luke
Addie,Luke, and Jessa

Luke and Jessa
I went to Idaho to meet my new cute niece, Jessa June!!! She is a doll and the best baby! Addie is the oldest( 4months), then Luke(5 weeks), and Jessa(1 1/2 weeks). I can't wait until they are older an can play! Do you think Luke will be forced into playing Barbie's?????

Saturday, January 24, 2009

More pics...

Katie @ peekaboo photo's took these amazing pictures of Luke and there were so many cute ones that I had to put a few more on here! Thank you Katie for doing this on your day off! We loved them! These were taken when he was exactly one week old.


We are so excited to finially have our BIG baby boy here! Luke Scott Purcell was born Jan. 12th at 5:50am. He weighed 9lbs 1oz and 19 1/2 " long. His brothers and sisters absolutely adore him! We feel so blessed!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Family needed...adoption situation

My friends the Sharp's have adopted from this agency and she had this posted on her blog!
It broke my heart and I know there is a family out there that would love her!
Adorable 4 Year old girl
Agency Fees: $8000
Family must be home study ready, LDS, and NOT live in Utah county.
I am told she looks like a young Dakota Fanning.
~Blonde hair~
~blue eyes~
~very cute~
Here's the brief rundown...this little girl was adopted as a newborn into a family that had biological children as well. Apparently the mother never bonded with her like she did with her bio children. As a result the sweet little girl has experienced some neglect. She currently has some developmental delays relating to memory, visual sequencing, and learning. She has seen several dr's recently and they all seem to think with the correct therapy
she will catch up by age 7-8. She has progressed well in school.
Obviously they want to place this little girl in a loving home as quickly as possible.
I was told that the little girl doesn't seem to have any bonding issues. In fact she still tries to bond with the mother, despite the poor treatment. Remember that because she is 4 years old, you would be able to meet and talk with the girl right away to see if you are the right family! How cool is that!? Help me save the life of this poor sweet girl and find the RIGHT family that will love her like any child deserves to be LOVED
If you want more info, think you might be the family, or know someone that would Megan Roth at 801-838-8014. Tell her (Sarah &)Mindy sent you.
Note: we get absolutely NOTHING for posting these situations,
not even a discount on our next babies LOL :D)
To see other situations at Heart to Heart Adoption-

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good News!!!

So just thought I would do a quick update! I went to the dr. this morning and I'm about a 3 1/2 but he told me christmas day and after I can go back to doing whatever I want!!!!! I can go off my meds too! I can't even tell you how excited I am! So two more days of staying down but I can take the kids to a movie christmas day, make dinner, clean, and anything else I or Scott(hehe) want to do! The funniest is, I don't care if the baby takes three weeks after that! I can just be ME! I know there are so many women that are put on bedrest for months and my 2 1/2 weeks is nothing but for me it was torture!

I almost forgot, so Scott and the kids got in a car accident yesterday(not his fault luckily)! Jax got a big bump under his eye and Ellie(who had taken off her seatbelt 0hhhhh!) just bruised up her back. BUT...Scott hurried and brought the kids home and had to go back to the accident to wait for the cops and there was no way I was not taking them to the dr to get checked! I looked so scary but its funny how all care of ourselves goes out the window when are children are hurt! When I got home and looked at myself in the mirror I about died!!!(who cares that I'm supposed to be on bedrest and I'm out driving!) I'm sure they took one look at me and thought, "CRAZY MOM!" They are fine and I think it scared them more then anything so all is well but I thought it was hilarious so I had to share....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another round at the hospital!!!!

So ended up in the hospital during the night in full blown labor AGAIN! Part of me just wants to get him here so that I can stop going to the hospital and getting those awful shots! OUCH! I just have to make it a little longer and be better about staying down! The torture for me is not only am I having that nesting feeling where I want my house perfect for the baby but its christmas and I want things perfect for christmas too! Ahhhhh! I found an awesome cleaning service to come clean my house for now! Its so worth it....Keep praying he stays in for awhile longer and that I don't lose my mind in the process!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Doctor appt....

Went to the dr. yesterday and I am dialated to a 3 and the baby's head is pretty far down but I'm still hoping to hold out a little longer! The Dr. said if I could make it 8 more days then that would be awesome! I'm thinking 2 days beyond that would be best because 8 days is christmas eve! Thank you to everyone for the food, treats, and just care and concern. I'm so emotional right now with everything going on and worrying about the baby and it truely means so much to me that so many people have reached out to help our family, especially at such a busy time of year! love you all!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

AAAAH Bedrest!!!

So I went into labor on Sunday and went to the hospital where they were able to slow my contractions with medication and sent me home on bedrest until the baby comes! I am going crazy but trying to do whats best for my baby boy... I went into labor again tuesday night and so they have now doubled my medication and I am trying so hard to stay down! The Dr. says if I can keep him in my belly until 36 weeks then more then likely he would come home with me and not need the nicu but if he comes before then his nicu stay would probably be only a few weeks with no permanant damage to him. I'm doing all my christmas shopping online and watching alot of TV, reading, and playing games on my ipod!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Introducing my new Niece...

I forgot my camera when I went to Idaho to see my new niece this weekend so these are taken with a Camera phone but she is so beautiful! 3 weeks early, she weighed 6lbs 8oz and 191/2 " long. She has no name yet but a full head of hair! You can't even see her scalp! It made me sooo excited for my own baby! I doubt mine will be so small( jax was 3 weeks early and weighed 8'4) but it will be so fun to have a little one around again! Congrats Holly, Jim, and family!

Yellowstone Park

We just spent 4 day in Yellowstone and it was beautiful weather! Scott and I had not been since we were kids so it was great to go and see our children experience it! We saw so many animals! Buffalo, elk, deer, birds of every kind, and many others!